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GT Tyre & Service Centre

Tyre Fitting

GT Groups origins lie in the tyre business and it was from here that we built on the services we provide to become the one stop shop that we are today. We have thousands of tyres in stock with virtually all sizes catered for on the spot. In most sizes we carry at least three brands offering the customer a budget, mid-range or premium option. Our tyres are sourced by staff with many years experience in the tyre industry, who know that if we don't buy at the right price, we can't sell at the right price.

Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Wheel alignment and wheel balancing are commonly confused with one another. Wheel alignment involves correctiing the geometry of the vehicle's wheels. Two of the most common reasons wheel alignment is required when the vehicle is pulling to one side or when the tyres show signs of uneven wear. At GT Tyre & Service Centre, we employ the most up to date computerised alignment and provide you with a full before and after report. The three angles measured during wheel alignment are Cantor (Setback), Camber and Toe. Toe is the most common angle to require adjustment and is also the most important angle regarding tyre wear and pulling. Wheel balancing is usually diagnosed as vibration in the steering wheel or from the rear of the vehicle. Each wheel is individually removed from the vehicle and balanced. The fitter is looking out for any signs of a buckle in the wheel rim or a twist in the tyre which, at faster speeds on the road, will cause vibration. Weights are then applied to the rim to counter the imbalance.

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